group of seven youth posing in a group with certificates they received alongside two adults: 4-H educator and 4-H issue committee member

Trips & Awards

Traditionally, 4-H has provided the means for a young person to receive awards and recognition for outstanding effort in project work, leadership, citizenship, and achievement. Selection for trips and awards is made by a volunteer committee who review 4-H Member Record Books. 4-H Member Record Books are distributed to 4-H members by 4-H club leaders and are available at the Extension office. 4-H Member Record Books are to be completed by 4-H members. A letter is sent in October to teens ages 13 years and older. This letter requests that they sign up for the trips and awards they want to apply for and provides the date that these applications and record books are due.  Once selections have been made, a date is set and 4-Hers from across the county come together with their families and friends to enjoy dinner and to be recognized for all of their accomplishments during the 4-H year.

4-H Teen Recognition Night

4-H Teen Recognition Night is an evening of excitement, friendship, and good times.  The event is well attended with honored guests including our 4-H Resource Educator, 4-H Team Leader, CCE Board President, and 4-H Program Issue Committee Chairman.   Once certificates and awards are handed out, many of the teens thank their parents and club leaders for encouraging them to do their best, in all that they do, including 4-H.

2020 Date

Celebrate accomplishments from the 2018-2019 4-H Year

Friday, January 17, 2020; 6:30 pm; Cornell Cooperative Extension, Hamden

Agri-Business Career Trip

Trip to Cobleskill and the Albany area: Awarded to teens who may be interested in a career in Agri-Business.

2020 Date


Capital Days

Occurs during May in Albany. Awarded on the basis of citizenship, leadership, ability and overall achievement. The participants in this program spend three days with 4-Hers from every county in New York State meeting with senators and assemblymen, touring the Capitol, Legislative Office Building, and State Museum.

2020 Date

May 17-19

Career Explorations

Occurs during June at Cornell University in Ithaca. An opportunity for youth to explore the resources of Cornell University. The three days are a chance to learn about science and technology, check out college life, and develop leadership skills through one of several special programs.

2020 Date

June 30-July 2

New York City Honor Award Trip

During November to New York City. A one-day cultural experience trip awarded based on accomplishment and achievements in 4-H.

2020 Date

November TBA

State Teen Action Representative Teen Action (STARR)

During April at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. A three day, fun-filled event where 4-H teens participate in a variety of workshops and activities meant to challenge, excite, and further develop life skills.

2020 Date

April 24-26

State Teen Ambassador Training

During April at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.  This three-day training is for every level of teen ambassador and adviser. The training is designed to offer practice in public speaking, debate, and personal conduct speaking with decision makers.

Vermont Career Exploration Trip

Vermont. Teens explore careers and participate in cultural experiences.  This trip is offered every other year.

2020 Date

April or May TBA

For more information, contact Emily Roach

4-H Resource Educator

(607) 865-6531