group of youth holding construction paper flags of Scotland as they read facts from a notecard.

International Night

Each Spring 4-H hosts an International Program, Passport to Fun. Each club picks one country that they are interested in exploring.  They then work together to create an experience which can share with the other participants.  Bring your family and friends for this evening of fun and discovery!  A six-foot long table will be available to each club to display their items. Sign-ups are mandatory so that we can plan a space for everyone to set up.  4-Hers should be ready to explain what they learned to the rest of the participants and exhibits should include the following:

  1. Food (any kind) that is representative of their country to share samples of.  Include ingredients/major allergens.
  2. A game or craft (that can be shared to teach everyone in the group) that is part of the country’s culture.
  3. A display of artifacts that depict the culture of the country your group chose to represent. This could be flags, musical instruments, posters, clothing, pieces of art, photographs or postcards.

If a group gets really creative and actively wants to display the ethnic diversity of their country they can also:

  1. Sing a cultural song
  2. Demonstrate a dance
  3. Learn some of the language
  4. Wear that country’s national dress
  5. Learn about the history, geography, economics, or socialization of the county.

Need Help? We have a book in the 4-H office called Multicultural Games which you can borrow for ideas or we can send you a copy of the section on your chosen country.  It’s always interesting to compare your country to the United States!

A presenter is needed each year for 4-H International Night.

Do you know someone who is from another country or has traveled to another country?  Would that person like to share information about that country with our 4-Hers?  We are looking for someone who would like to do a 15 to 20 minute presentation on another country.  If you are that person or know someone, please let us know!

For more information, contact Emily Roach

4-H Resource Educator

(607) 865-6531