Rural Healthcare Alliance

Welcome to one of over 30 rural health networks in New York, funded in large part by the New York State Office of Rural Health.


To promote integration and coordination of local health services.  We are founded on a strong belief in the power of synergism.  The goal of New York’s rural health networks is to assist healthcare providers and organizations, as well as consumers, local businesses and government in rural areas, to improve the health of rural New Yorkers through health coordination, development, planning, and implementation.


  • Encourage increased use of technology to improve quality and reduce cost of delivering care;
  • Gather and share health policy and practice-related information;
  • Discover and disseminate best practice models of care – continually strive to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of local heath services.


The Delaware County Rural Healthcare Alliance brings together health care and health care related organizations to share information, conduct assessments, develop plans and fund projects to address health education and awareness. The Alliance promotes improved access to quality health and wellness services for Delaware County, NY residents.

For more information, contact Jeanne Darling ( or Karen Graves ( at (607) 865-6531.