Ways to Participate in 4-H

Getting involved with 4‑H is easy and costs are kept to a minimum. Unlike other youth organizations, 4‑H doesn’t require a uniform and there are no national fees. Children select their 4‑H projects so they can choose one that interests them and works well within a family’s budget. 4‑H programs and clubs typically meet once per month, although some may choose to meet more or less frequently. Children ages 8-18 are eligible to participate in 4‑H, and children ages 5-7 are eligible to be 4-H Cloverbuds.


A unique program that helps build confident kids. Specially designed for youngsters ages five through seven, the program gets kids excited about learning! 4-H Cloverbuds use hands-on-learning activities to help kids explore art, plants and animals, science, and the environment. Youngsters also engage in group activities that promote personal development, healthy lifestyles, and a sense of citizenship. Learn more . . .


Most 4-H Clubs are general type clubs and allow members explore a broad range of interesting topics. 4‑H clubs often follow a planned program and offer multiple learning opportunities for youth that are self-directed. Clubs can meet in a variety of locations and typically meet in the evenings and on the weekends. Learn More . . .


Looking to experience 4-H on your own without the commitment to a club? Individual Members are welcome.  Contact us for more information.


Teen Council is open to all 4-H members between the ages of 13 to 19, and provides opportunities for teens to interact with other teens from all over Delaware County.  Activities include cultural, educational, social and community service events. Learn More . . .


4‑H overnight and day camps offer recreational and educational opportunities in a camp setting. 4‑H camps provide youth with the chance to meet new people, have fun, experience the great outdoors, and develop an appreciation for nature.  Delaware County is home to 4-H Camp Shankitunk, the oldest continuously operating 4-H Camp in NYS.


A 4-H Leader is an adult who works voluntarily with a group of 4-H members. Parents or other adults who are willing to volunteer a part of their time and skills. Many 4-H leaders are parents with full time jobs, who may or may not have been involved in 4-H as a child. They share their abilities and life experiences with the youth in their club. All prospective 4-H leaders must apply by filling out an application, have references checked, and if selected, sign a code of conduct.

  • Club/Coordinating Leader – Adults who help a group get organized and run their meetings are called Coordinating Leaders.
  • Project Leader – Some adults teach members how to do things and are called project leaders. They usually have a special interest or skill such as photography or clothing or gardening.

Interested in joining 4-H in Delaware County? We’ll help you locate a club in your area or assist you in starting a new 4-H Club of your own. Don’t live in Delaware County? Find your local Cooperative Extension 4‑H office.

For more information, contact Emily Roach

4-H Resource Educator


(607) 865-6531