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Farmers’ Markets

Walton 2020 Farmers' Market flyerCornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County is sponsoring the Walton Farmers’ Market in 2020. This market has been established for the convenience of local residents and participants in the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) through WIC and Delaware County Office for the Aging. In addition to cash sales, WIC clients and income eligible senior citizens may redeem their farmers’ market nutrition program coupons at these local markets.

Farmers who want to sell local foods at the Cornell Cooperative Extension markets are invited to Contact Us.

Fantasy Fruit Farm

Walton Farmers’ Market

Veterans Plaza, 181 Delaware St
Every Friday, July-September 2020

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COVID-19 Update: Masks will be required to be worn at the Walton Farmers’ Market and social distancing measures will be instituted to ensure everyone’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program Available at Walton Farmers’ Market

This summer of 2020 Cornell Cooperative Extension joins for the third year the South Central NY Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program into Delaware County. Designed by the Rural Health Network of South Central NY and implemented in Broome County in 2017, the program exists as a strategy to help prevent and manage chronic diet-related diseases by increasing affordability and access to nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, this year including Russell’s Products & Produce, East Brook Community Farm, and Fantasy Fruit Farm. Fruit and Vegetable Prescriptions can be accepted at Cornell Cooperative Extension sponsored markets in Walton.

Focused on Medicaid patients, participants can be referred to this program through Registered Dietitians and Wellness Coordinators at UHS Walton / Delaware Valley.  Enrollment gains the patient regular meetings with a Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coordinator, or Community Health Worker over a six to eight month time period. These meetings will provide participants with their prescription in the form of vouchers. Patients then use these vouchers as their method of payment at Cornell Cooperative Extension’s farmers’ market. Vendors are reimbursed after turning in voucher and log information into the Rural Health Network of SCNY.  Prescription includes only the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables from participating markets and stands.

The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program seeks to “prescribe” financial incentives for their most in-need patients to act on the medical advice they receive, drive sales for locally grown product, allow community partners to become partners in health, connect patients to resources for additional support (cooking, transportation, etc.), and create accessible retail sites meeting a range of consumer preferences for accessibility, functionality, variety, quality and shopping experience.  The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program is funded through an Innovation Fund grant awarded to the Rural Health Network by Care Compass Network, and is focused on adults who receive Medicaid and their families.

Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (NYS-FMNP) operates through collaboration among the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM), Special Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Office for the Aging, and Cornell Cooperative Extension. The programs are designed to:

  • Enhance health of eligible low-income, nutritionally at-risk residents with fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutrition education.
  • Promote use of farmers markets by WIC clients and low-income seniors.
  • Support NY farmers who market their fresh produce through farmers markets.
  • Encourage expanded and diversified fruit and vegetable production in NYS.
  • Promote the development of farmers markets as a component of sustainable, quality communities.
  • Cornell’s FMNP goal is to strengthen local capacity, to address challenges and reinforce successes leading to strengthened local farmers markets and enhanced food access and nutrition knowledge by low-income consumers.

Fruits & Vegetables: Nature’s Magic

Want to look and feel great? Don’t reach for the latest magic supplement pill or powder. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber – which protect against heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and other diseases. Fruits and vegetables add flavor without adding lots of calories. They help keep you fit naturally.  Follow these tips to get the most benefit from fruits and veggies:

  • Make at least half your plate fruits and veggies. Fill-up on low calorie goodness!
  • Eat fruits and vegetables as snacks and with meals. Fruits and vegetables are great ANY time.

What’s So Special About Fruits and Vegetables?

Fiber! Folic Acid! Vitamin C! Potassium! Vitamin A! What is all this stuff?  It’s just some of the stuff that makes fruits and vegetables so good for us. Each color fruit and vegetable has something special to make us healthy. So eat as many different colors as you can in the vegetable rainbow to be sure you are getting all the “good stuff.”

  • Choose red fruits and veggies for to protect your heart
  • Choose yellow and orange fruits and veggies for a strong immune system and glowing skin
  • Choose dark green leafy veggies for strong bones and healthy eyes
  • Choose blue/purple fruits and veggies to maintain memory and your urinary system
  • Choose white/brown fruits and veggies for a healthy heart and blood pressure

For more information contact
Jeanne M. Darling
Executive Director
(607) 865-6531