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Corn Silage Dry Down Day Results

19 samples of corn were tested on September 18th and averaged 29% Dry Matter (DM). Samples ranged from 24% DM to 34% DM. Whole field DM will be 2 points wetter than a small sample. Download the results (PDF)

A few fields are getting close to or are at target Dry Matter (DM) for harvest, but many are 10 – 21 days out from predicted target harvest moisture, assuming an average dry down rate of 0.5% point per day. This could change with extended dry weather, frosted corn and/or advanced leaf disease damage.

We found that most samples had extensive symptoms of early leaf disease, which may progress rapidly in next few weeks with above average temperatures, dry weather, and maybe even frost in the forecast.


  • Harvesting too early (<32%DM) will result in reduced yield, reduced silage starch content, challenged fermentation and increased risk for silo juicing (which is a potent pollutant as well as tough on silos).
  • It is critical to continue monitoring whole plant DM. Getting DM into the target zone yields best fermentation.
  • Using reputable inoculants, especially when it is getting too dry, can help. Inoculants containing Lactobacillus Buchneri have been shown to be more effective with corn silage.
  • Increasing chop length with wetter silage will reduce silo juicing.
Our next dry down day will be on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 from 10:00am – 2:30pm at
DelRose Farm (The Hanselman’s)
9636 County Route 18 Bloomville NY 13739
Can’t make it? We can test dry matters at any time in our office!  Call the either the Nutrient Management or Precision Feed Management teams at 607-865-7090.