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Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County offers information and resources for field crop production of traditional forage and grain crops. We offer services from the ground up, starting with soil nutrient and pH testing. Cornell University soil test kits are available for purchase at our office with analysis and results coming from the soil nutrient analysis lab at Cornell University. We can also perform quick soil pH tests (and have pH test kits available for sale) at out office for those in need of quick turnaround. When soil test results are returned from Cornell, we can assist you in interpreting them if needed, as well as making new soil fertility recommendations if your cropping plans change. 

Other areas of fields crop production we offer expertise and resources in: general weed and insect identification and control recommendations based in University testing and Integrated Pest Management principles; variety selection based on soil type and fertility and intended crop use; crop planting, harvest, and storage management; crop rotation planning; and crop nutrient management planning. Contact: Paul Cerosaletti (Dairy and Field Crop Production Educator) Dale Dewing (Field Crop and Nutrient Management Specialist for farms in the New York City Watershed)