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(Please note:  Any mention of brand names is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as an endorsement of a particular product.)

The Town of Andes, NY, highway garage is host to both an indoor pellet stove and outdoor pellet hydronic heater.  The Town of Andes ( has been building a new highway garage, and both units will be operating there.  The building was recently completed and the town is in the process of moving into this building in February 2010.  As such, the heating units have not been operational prior to now. 

The Town of Andes outdoor pellet furnace is a Central Boiler Maxim 250 (, a 250,000 BTU furnace that is accompanied by a 60 bushel auxiliary bin that will hold 1 ton of pellets.  The system automatically feeds pellets into the bin on the furnace as needed.  The furnace has automatic propane gas ignition.  The unit requires manual ash removal and manual heat exchanger cleaning.  This unit has been operational at Andes since mid-February and has been able to carry the complete heating load of the highway garage since then.

The outdoor pellet furnace ties into an oil fired boiler inside the town garage.  The whole garage is heated via radiant floor heat (concrete floor).  This system would be more efficient than forced hot air, and would less subject to wide temperature swings.  Although the pellet furnace is expected to be supplemental to the oil fired system, we expect that this radiant heating system will allow the pellet furnace to function more easily during colder weather than the system at the Town of Franklin site.

Outdoor Maxum Burning

Indoor Unit: This site will be host to a Harman P43 ( indoor biomass pellet stove to be installed in February 2010.  The stove is to be installed in a small meeting room at the Town of Andes highway building.  This stove is rated up to 43,000 BTU and features automatic ignition as well as room temperature or stove temperature operating modes.  It has a bottom feed pellet delivery system designed to work with a range of biomass qualities.  The stove will be more than adequate to provide supplemental heat for the area at Andes.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates on the use of the stove.  We expect no issues as the P43 is the same design as the Harman P68 biomass pellet stove, which has worked well in Hunter and Ashokan demonstration sites.