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(Please note:  Any mention of brand names is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as an endorsement of a particular product.)

The Ashokan Center in Olive Bridge, NY (, an environmental and outdoor educational center, is host to an indoor pellet stove.  The stove, a Harman P68 ( has been operational since the end of December 2009.

The Harman P68 biomass pellet stove seen in use in the photos above at the Ashokan Center is rated up to 68,000 BTU.  It has automatic ignition as well as room temperature or stove temperature operating modes.  It has a bottom feed pellet delivery system designed to work with a range of biomass qualities.  So far, this stove has worked very well at Ashokan.  The large ash container is a plus with the higher ash content grass pellets.  We have experienced no clinkering (melting) of the grass pellet ash to date from the EnviroEnergy grass pellets we have burned.   

The P68 stove is located in a large meeting hall (total of 2500 square feet) that has windows on either side.  The stove exhaust is piped up an old fireplace chimney.  The stove has been functioning on room temperature mode as needed.  They burned about 1-1.5 40-lb bags of grass pellets per day to keep the building marginally heated during the off season in January.  As their winter programming has started back up in February, they have been burning about 2.5 bags of pellets per day to heat the facility to temperature.