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(Please note:  Any mention of brand names is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as an endorsement of a particular product.)

This site was selected after the flood of 2011. A furnace to replace the damaged furnace in the office of the Catskill Watershed Corporation was the first choice. Because there was no room for a pellet furnace in the existing boiler room and outside unit was explored. Because of setback and exhaust height requirements this was not possible. The existing furnace was able to be repaired so we selected a Enviro Maxx-M. It is advertised as being a multi fuel stove capable of utilizing grass as an acceptable fuel. It is a 60,000 BTU unit with a very generous ash pan and a heat exchanger cleaning system.

The stove has been in service since early January 2012. It is burning two 40 Lb. bag a day and is heating the main expanse of the office.