hundreds of colored plastic ducks floating in the brook

Duck Race

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 18th annual 4-H Duck Race that was scheduled to take place on July 25, has ‘tentatively’ been rescheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2020 at noon.

How does it work?

Ducks sell for $5 each or 5 ducks for $20. All proceeds help support our local Delaware County 4-H program. Ducks will be released at Third Brook in Walton, NY. Our base location and race finish line is located at the Robinson’s Auction Barn parking lot located at the corner of Delaware Street (NYS Route 206) and West Street, across from the Speedway convenience store.

5 youth prepare to dump a tub of plastic ducks into the brook

There will be five Duck Race prizes:

  • 1st place $500
  • 2nd place $250
  • 3rd place $150
  • 4th place $100
  • 5th place $50

Where can you purchase a duck ticket?

Contact a 4-Her to purchase your winning duck! Duck tickets can also be purchased from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County. 4-H clubs and club members receive monetary prizes for highest sales as well as Facebook drawing prizes, so be sure to check with a local 4-Her before contacting the office. Look for them at local stores or events such as the Meredith Dairy Fest.

2019 Results

Duck Race Winners

1,058 ducks were sold to help support Delaware County 4-H. Thank you to everyone for all you did to make this year’s 4-H Duck Race a success!

Individual Winners

1st place/$500 – Gia Cantwell, Delhi, NY; duck sold by Brianna May, Hollister Hill Hoppers, Delhi
2nd place/$250 – Brianna May, Delhi, NY; duck sold by Brianna May, Hollister Hill Hoppers, Delhi
3rd place/$150 – Scott May, Delhi; duck sold by Brianna May, Hollister Hill Hoppers, Delhi
4th place/$100 – Ron Spranger, Schenevus; duck sold by Kayla Campbell, Kids -n- Kritters, Walton
5th place/$50 – Penny Tweedie, Walton, NY ; duck sold by Lillian & Madelyn Eklund, Futures Finest 4-Hers, Davenport

4-H Club Winners

1st place/$100/‘Quack Award’ – Hollister Hill Hoppers, Delhi; Scott & Patti May, leaders
2nd place/$50 – Little Clovers, Franklin; Donna Machala, Leader

Individual Sellers

1st place/$100 – Brianna May, Hollister Hill Hoppers, Delhi, selling 279 ducks
2nd place/$50 – Rachel Cobane, Little Clovers, Franklin, selling 197 ducks
3rd place/$50 – Lucinda Bishop, Country Bumpkins, Delhi
4th place/$25 – Elaina Miskell, Futures Finers 4-Hers

For more information, contact Emily Roach

4-H Community Educator

(607) 865-6531