youth smiling and posing with their sheep inside a pen at the Delaware County fair. Sheep in pen are wearing zebra striped and pink camo coats to stay clean.

Schedule for 4-H Fair Animals

Due to COVID-19, there will be no fair for 2020.  We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Delaware County Fair.

Make sure you stroll through the barns at fair to see all of our 4-Hers animal exhibits.

2020 Schedule of 4-H Shows & Events:


  • 1 pm         Weigh-in of 4-H Market Animals Begins
  • 3-5 pm      4-H Market Animal Project Records Due to the Summer Assistant/Livestock Show Ring
  • 5 pm          All Animal Exhibits MUST be in place


  • 8 am         (All Day) 4-H Horse Show/Horse Show Ring
  • 8:30 am    4-H Dairy & Meat Goat Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 9:30 am    4-H Cavy Showmanship Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 9:30 am    4-H Dairy Cattle Showmanship Show/Dairy Show Ring
  • 10 am       4-H Rabbit Showmanship Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 1 pm         4-H Sheep Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 3 pm         4-H Poultry Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 6 pm          4-H Dairy Challenge/Dairy Cattle Barn


  • 8 am          4-H Horse Show/Horse Show Ring
  • 9 am          4-H Beef Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 9:30 am     4-H Cavy Breeds Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 9:30 am     4-H Dairy Cattle Breeds Show/Dairy Show Ring
  • 10 am        4-H Rabbit Breeds Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 4 pm          Larry E Darling Memorial 4-H Dairy Judging Clinic-Dairy Show Ring
  • 6 pm          4-H Livestock Skillathon/Livestock Show Ring
  • 7 pm           4-H Bike Give-away/Dairy Show Ring


  • 9 am          4-H Swine Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 6:30 pm     4-H Sheep Olympics followed by 4-H Animal Dress-up Contest/Livestock Show Ring


  • 10 am        4-H Weigh-in Auction Animals/Livestock Barn
  • 10 am        4-H Sheep Exhibitor Dinner/Livestock Barn
  • Noon         4-H Rooster Crowing Contest/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 7 pm          4-H Goat Olympics/Livestock Show Ring


  • 9 am           4-H Master Livestock Showman Competition/Livestock Barn
  • Noon          Dairy Cattle Dinner/Dairy Show Ring
  • 1 pm           Livestock Herdsmanship Awards & Livestock Skill-a-thon/Livestock Show Ring
  • 2 pm           4-H Livestock Auction/Livestock Show Ring