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The 4-H Livestock Auction Project area includes meat goats, beef, sheep, swine, meat chickens, and auction turkeys.  Beef projects must be registered by January 5, 2015 and all other species (meat goats, sheep and swine) by June 15, 2015.  Most of these projects end on Saturday at the Delaware County Fair when the livestock auction is held.

Please call for more information or look under program registration/forms on this website to get an livestock auction project record form.

4-H Auction Animal Registration Form 2015



 Did you know that people who do not live on a farm or do not have registered stock can still have a 4-H animal project? A program called "4-H Project Animal"; allows youngsters the chance to care for an animal and show it just as their own. Some restrictions do apply: a dairy animal has to be non-milking (any 4-Her who already owns purebred stock is not eligible). A 4-Her may designate two (2) non-owned animals as their project animal, but can only show ONE non-owned animal at the fair. Request a "Non-Ownership Certification" form from the Extension office and sign up a new exhibitor. Project animals can be dairy cattle, beef cattle, dairy goat, meat goat, sheep, swine, horse, and dog.

For more information on this program, please call John Hannum at 865-6531 or email




~Dairy Cattle-owned by June 15th

~Dairy Goats-owned by June 15th

~Meat Goats-owned and registered for auction by June 15th 

~Beef Cattle-owned by June 1st - Registered for Auction by January 5th

~Sheep-owned and registered for auction by June 15th

 ~Swine-owned and registered for auction by June 15th

~Horse-owned by June 15th