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A Fun & Educational Organization for Young Children, Ages 5-7 From 4-H!

4-H Cloverbuds is a unique program that helps build confident kids. Specially designed for youngsters ages five through seven, the program gets kids excited about learning! 4-H Cloverbuds use hands-on-learning activities to help kids explore art, plants and animals, science, and the environment. Youngsters also engage in group activities that promote personal development, healthy lifestyles, and a sense of citizenship. As a Cloverbud member, your child will attend fun-filled meetings that include a learning activity, recreation period and snack time. Trained Cloverbud parent volunteers lead the meetings. Cloverbud curriculum is based on sound child development principles and factual subject matter information.


Cloverbuds can help your child develop these critical life skills:

* Develop self understanding and confidence in a relaxed setting.

* Achieve success in learning and feel a positive sense of accomplishment.

* Learn how to get along with others and communicate in positive ways.

* Make new friends. Learn how to share, work together, compromise, and resolve conflict.


If you are interested joining or forming a 4-H Cloverbuds Club please call: 607-865-6531


Click on the attached pdf file to download a copy of the Project Record for Cloverbuds:

Cloverbud Project Record Form