youth riding horse toward camera in practice ring at county fair

Delaware County 4-H Horse Program

4-H Horse Clubs

  • Central Delaware Clovers
  • East Branch Mini Mania
  • Four Seasons
  • Kids -n- Kritters
  • This -n- That Country Crew
  • Thundering Hooves

Advisory Committee Members

Dawn Brown, Joyce Curtin, Karleen DuMond, Jackie Losie, Rich Pernice and Bill Sherman. John Hannum, CCE 4-H Team Leader

Advisory Committee Scholarship Award

2019 Winner

Molly Sherman: The Thundering Hooves 4-H Club Member – Daughter of Bill and Terri Sherman – Congratulations Molly!

2020 Deadline

To be determined

Animal Ownership & Registration Guidelines

Horses must be owned/leased by June 1 of the current 4-H year.

Non-Ownership Animal Projects

This option is only available to 4-Hers who do NOT already own stock. Did you know that people who do not live on a farm or do not have registered stock can still have a 4-H animal project? The 4-H Non-ownership Animal Project allows 4-Hers the chance to care for an animal and show it just as their own.

Please keep in mind the philosophy of the non-ownership policy.  The purpose IS NOT to save money on registration transfers or to allow an individual to search until he/she obtains the best possible show animal.  Like wise, if the actual owner insists on showing the youth’s non-owned animal at a non 4-H event, we do not have any right to dictate rules against it.  However, the purpose of the non-ownership is to allow youth to CARE for a 4-H project animal that he/she might not otherwise have had the opportunity to care for.

A completed 4-H Non-ownership Animal Project Certificate is required in order to participate.  It is also strongly recommended that a 4-H Animal Lease Agreement be completed as well.

  • Non-ownership IS NOT available to youth already owning an animal of that species
  • Non-ownership animal limits
    • BEEF CATTLE, SWINE and SHEEP: ONE (1) non-owned animal per species
    • HORSE: ONE (1) – The only exceptions are donkey, mule, miniature equine, and driving equine (used only for driving) – in which case a youth may own or lease an equine and also lease a donkey, mule, miniature equine and driving equine (used only for driving)
    • DAIRY CATTLE (non-milking), DAIRY GOAT and/or MEAT GOAT: TWO (2) non-owned animals per species – but may only show one animal, per species, per youth fair, youth exhibition or 4-H show/exhibition – this applies to the county and state level – Youth who own dairy goats can adopt ONE (1) meat goat; youth who own meat goats can adopt ONE (1) dairy goat
  • Non-owned animals must meet all requirements (dates, registration, health, etc.) pertinent to that species
  • Non-ownership deadlines
    • JUNE 1 of the current year for HORSES
    • JUNE 15 of the current year for DAIRY CATTLE (non-milking), BEEF CATTLE (non-auction), DAIRY GOAT, MEAT GOAT, SHEEP and SWINE – Except for horses and beef steers for auction
  • Auction animals ARE NOT eligible for the 4-H Non-ownership Animal Project
  • Completed copies of the 4-H Non-ownership Animal Project Certificate and 4-H Animal Lease Agreement must be on file at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County office by: JUNE 1 of the current year for horses and JUNE 15 of the current year for all other species.
  • Completed copies of the 4-H Non-ownership Animal Project Certificate and 4-H Animal Lease Agreement form, signed by all parties, must be presented at the Delaware County Fair and the Farmers’ Museum Junior Livestock Show, along with appropriate health and registration papers.

NYS 4-H Horse Certificate & 4-H Animal Lease Agreement (due by June 1)

A Horse Certificate must be filled out for each project horse.  It is also strongly recommended that a 4-H Animal Lease Agreement be completed as well.  Project horses may be owned or leased.  A family can designate all of their horses as project horses.  For county fair and clinics, more than one non-leased horse can be designated as a project horse, but for the state fair, the state fair show guidelines below must be followed.

Contact the Extension office for a copy of the New York State Horse Certificate and 4-H Animal Lease Agreement.

The Extension office needs copies of the following paperwork:

  1. 4-H Member Enrollment Forms for the current 4-H year – re-enrollments are due NOW – new membership taken up until March 31, 2020
  2. NYS 4-H Horse Certificate – due June 1
  3. 4-H Animal Lease Agreement (if applicable) – due June 1
  4. Release for Participation Form – due June 1
  5. Horse Acknowledgment of Risk Form – completed with current year 4-H enrollment
  6. Current Negative Coggins (for 2020 a test from 2019 or 2020) – due June 1
  7. Proof of Rabies Vaccination (Rabies is yearly, please check the date on your Rabies paperwork) – due June 1

Health Certificate

Required if your horse is boarded outside of New York State. Can be obtained from your vet.

Riding Evaluations

ALL 4-Hers, regardless of age, should be evaluated  by a 4-H Horse Advisory Committee Member in order to ride in 4-H clinics and/or shows.

Riding Evaluation forms need to be completed and on file at the Extension office for:

  1. Cloverbuds who would like to ride in Walk/Trot classes
  2. 4-Hers who would like to move up from Walk/Trot to Walk/Trot/Canter
  3. New 4-H members who are over 7 years of age and enrolling in the horse project for the first time

Riding evaluations will be completed by a 4-H Horse Advisory Committee Member.  John Hannum, 4-H Team Leader, will give final approval with the recommendation from the 4-H Horse Advisory Committee.  4-H Horse Advisory Committee Member(s) must see the individual ride/drive.

Contact the Extension office to obtain a copy of the Riding Evaluation forms (Cloverbud; Riding Level; Driving Level; Miniature).

Five Star Program

The Five Star Program is designed to provide a guide for teaching horse project members and for checking their accomplishments each year. Each star covers skills on which members are to be checked. 4-H club leaders may find the Star Program useful in determining what to teach horse project members. The Star Program is only indicative of what a member has learned and does not list every item which leaders may wish to teach their members.

Club leaders, with any help they may wish to obtain, may do the testing for the first and second star levels within their club.  Third, fourth and fifth stars are to be tested by a 4-H Horse Advisory Committee member(s).  John Hannum, 4-H Team Leader, will give final approval with the recommendation from the 4-H Horse Advisory Committee.

A schedule of testing weekends will be offered in the spring and fall of each year. The fourth and fifth stars have a riding component to them. Candidates will have to travel to a testing site to complete this exam. Both stars also have a non-horse owner option.

Passing grade is 75%

To obtain a copy of one or all of the STAR Score Sheets (levels 1 through 5), please contact the Extension office.

Discontinued Fair Participation Requirements

Please note that at the November 2018 organizational meeting, the 4-H Horse Advisory Committee voted to discontinue the 4-H horse requirements for the Delaware County Fair.

However, for educational purposes, we hope that youth will take advantage of the program opportunities provided to them (i.e.: public presentations, horse bowl, hippology, clinics, shows, drill team, 5 Star Program, etc.).  While 4-H Horse Project Records will also not be required, they are a valuable learning tool and we hope that youth will continue to complete them and submit them for review.  Submitted 4-H Horse Project Records will receive a ribbon and premium at the Delaware County Fair.

Our purpose as an organization is education.  Our hopes are that 4-H members will feel the programs and events being offered are good learning experiences and will want to participate, rather being a requirement and have to attend.

Although participation requirements have been discontinued, the paperwork outlined above under “NYS 4-H Horse Certificate & 4-H Animal Lease Agreement” is required and must be submitted in a timely manner.

Horse Programs & Events

Fall 4-H Horse Clinic

2020 Fall 4-H Horse Clinic will be held Sunday, November 17, 2019 from 11 am – 2 pm at SUNY Delhi College Farm

Topics: Draft Horses & Equipment; Equine Anatomy; Your Aging Horse; Horse Physical Exams

Guest Speaker: Equine Acupuncture & Chiropractics

All 4-Hers are welcome!  You do not need to own a horse to participate.  If you are interested in learning about horses, come on down to the college farm.

To register, please contact the Extension office:; 607-865-6531.

For questions, contact Bill Sherman:

4-H Horse Bowl & Hippology

A team event that uses a question and answer format with game show style buzzers to learn information about horses.  Winners may be eligible to compete at the district, state, and national levels.

2020 Dates & Times are to be determined

Public Presentations

We are trying something a little different this year.  Hamden presentation times will be offered on a Friday evening and a Saturday morning.

Friday Evening: February 7, 2020; 5-8 pm; and

Saturday Morning: February 8, 2020; 9 am-1 pm

Both offerings will be held at Cornell Cooperative Extension, Hamden

Presenters may be eligible to compete at the district and state levels.

Visit the Public Presentations page for more presentation information.

June 4-H Horse Clinic

To be determined

July 4-H Horse Show

To be determined

Delaware County Fair

2020 4-H Horse Shows: Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12

Bill Sherman, 4-H Horse Superintendent

Please Note: Horse requirements to enter in the Delaware County 4-H horse show have been discontinued.  See ‘Discontinued Fair Participation Requirements’ section above.

Visit the Delaware County Fair page for more information on entering in the 4-H horse shows.

New York State Fair

NYS Fair Rule/Non-Owned Equines: The exhibitor shall exhibit no more than one non-owned equine in the state show.  Multiple exhibitors may show the same equine, but must exhibit the animal in different divisions (Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Western, Gymkhana, etc.) NOT junior or senior exhibitor.  The exhibitor is not allowed to show an owned and a non-owned horse.

For more information, contact John Hannum

4-H Team Leader

(607) 865-6531