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Every spring the Department of Environmental Conservation offers an opportunity for 4-H’ers to receive free pheasant chicks to raise for eventual release into the wild. This excellent opportunity gives 4-H’ers the chance to learn about raising game birds and contribute to the betterment of hunting for all. Please contact the 4-H office for more information on raising pheasants for release.

Prior to picking up pheasant orders, 4-Hers must complete and hand in to the Extension office an Agreement Form (copy below).

After project completion, a Project Record must be completed and returned to the Extension office (copy below).

Click on the link below to obtain a copy of the 'Pheasant Raising Booklet.'  This booklet will help in preparing for and raising pheasants.

Pheasant Raising Agreement Form

Pheasant Raising Project Record

Pheasant Raising Booklet