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August 12-17, 2013, Delaware County Fairgrounds, Walton, NY


The 4-H Parade will be held Tuesday night at 6:30pm (5:45 p.m. lineup) before the Firemen's Parade.



Click on the attached file for more Fair Information & Forms:  Leaders Digest-August 2013 


All 4-H animal entries are due in the Extension/4-H office no later than 4:00 p.m. Monday, July 22, 2013. There will be no entries accepted after this date/time. This deadline includes all livestock, horses, and small animals. There will be no exceptions made.   REMEMBER: We are here to help. If you have any questions regarding fair entries, animal identification, vet papers, vaccinations, or project records, please contact John or Pam at 865-6531. 


4-H will be enforcing the ALL 4-H animal exhibits show that they are 4-H animals.  If the exhibit does not show that they are 4-H animals by Tuesday morning of the fair, then they will receive zero points for headsmanship every day until they DO indicate that they are 4-H animals.  You may show that your animal is a 4-H animal by:  filling out a 4-H Stall card for each animal (available from the 4-H office); putting a 4-H sticker on the animals sign; drawing a 4-H symbol on the animals sign; any other creative way that show that the animal is a 4-H exhibit. 



Hours that 4-H exhibitors can bring their projects to be judged in the Youth Building at county fair have been extended. Judging hours will be Monday, August 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hours for 4-H animal exhibitor entries remain the same as in the past, Monday, August 12 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


Link to the Delaware County Fair website. Listing all events and schedules.


4-H LIVESTOCK AUCTION REMINDER: Exhibitors with market animals that will be sold at the 4-H Livestock Auction on Saturday, will have to have a completed 4-H Market Project Book handed into the 4-H Summer Assistant by Wednesday of fair week.



1. Check fair book for limits set on number of projects you are eligible to enter.

2. New - General Project Record - Need to fill out one exhibit tag, top and bottom, for each exhibit and a General Project Record form. We’ve the saved the best for last. Project Records will take the place of the 3” x 5” cards usually required for projects entered at the fair.


Exhibit tags for cloverbuds and regular 4-H members can be picked up at the 4-H office or mailed, call 865-6531 to order.



If you have not made a club banner to hang in the 4-H Youth Building at county fair, please make one so you can. We will provide your club with background felt pre-cut to correct size and shape in either green or yellow. You select the color felt or your club design which we also provide. These banners, when competed, will be kept at the 4-H office, but can be borrowed at any time. We would appreciate having these orders by June 30.



Many years ago, Project Records were required for each project a 4-H member completed. It has been decided and recommended by our judges, that Project Records make a come back. You might think we are regressing, but actually the return to Project Records gives more meaning, accountability and value to the project being done. This one-page sheet will be mandatory for each project entered in the Youth Building at county fair. The best way to do Project Records is to take a few minutes after completing a project to fill them out so the project and form will be ready to take to the fair.


Answers to some arguments you might have as to why these need to be done are:

Why do Project Records?

1. They will help 4-H members keep track of what projects they have done and when.

2. They are a simple learning tool that will help prepare 4-H members to talk to the judges at the fair. The Project Record will not actually be judged, but the child’s knowledge of what they did will.

3. The questions asked will be the same as those asked when one of your projects receives the honor of being selected to go on to State Fair. So once selected all you have to do is transfer the info to the green state fair form.


To clarify a concern presented, if you are doing a gardening project of any kind (flower or vegetable) you can fill out one Project Record sheet for the entire garden. Also, you do not have to fill one out for a public presentation. 4-H members are being encouraged to use the Project Records for all the projects they do, but there is no way to monitor that, so filling one out for each project you enter in the Youth Building at county fair will be required. Remember, we are an educational institution and just like every other organization, we need checks and balances. Thanks to all who have given positive feedback concerning the Project Record sheet. Copies of the Project Record sheet can be downloaded from Program Registration/Forms Tab or by contacting the 4-H office.