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Any 4-H member, age 5-19, who has constructed or purchased a garment or home environment item may participate in Fashion Revue, even those who have made pillows and duffle bags. The Fashion Revue is an opportunity for 4-H members in textiles and clothing projects to show off what they have made or purchased, learn about poise and posture and then model their outfit or item on stage. The 4-H Fashion Revue is a fashion show presented by 4-H members for their family and friends. At least a week before the Fashion Revue, an evaluation is held, if they made a garment, members are evaluated while they wear the garments they made or purchased. They are judged on how the garment fits and how well the garment is constructed, or in the case of a purchased garment, what they know about the care, line, color, etc. of the garment. Each member writes a commentary about their outfit. Members model with their club while the commentary is read aloud to the audience. Information about writing a commentary will be sent in the future. 4-Hers 13 years of age or older who have constructed or purchased a complete garment (blouse and skirt or jacket, pants and blouse, etc.) are eligible to go on to the State Fair Fashion Revue, but must be evaluated in Hamden to qualify. Judges will decide that evening who will go on to State Fair, but this will not be announced until the evening of Fashion Revue.  



4-Hers sew anything from a duffle bag to a complete outfit. In the spring, completed sewing projects are brought to the Extension office and evaluated by judges. Teens who made a complete outfit, can compete to go to the New York State Fair to participate in the Fashion Revue. 



-Monday, April 18; 3-5:30 pm; Deposit Central School

-Tuesday, April 19; 5-8 pm; Cornell Cooperative Extension, Hamden



The 4-H department has six sewing machines.  These machines are available for loan to be used for two weeks at a time for 4-H projects. The charge to borrow is $5.00 for two weeks to help with the upkeep costs. If you would like to borrow these machines, contact the Extension office.

 Purchased Clothing Project

Sewing Evaluation Paperwork