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What are 4-H projects?

A 4-H project is a planned series of learning experiences through which youth develop knowledge, skills and/or positive attitudes. For instance, if a member wants to build a Bluebird nestbox, the actual construction represents one activity of the overall project. The Bluebird project would consist of learning about the Bluebird in New York State, their habitat, what they feed on, where they nest, as well as building the nestbox and placing it in an appropriate location, then monitoring the Bluebird nest box.


Getting Started- Highly Successful 4-H Projects:

Woodworking, Electricity, Rocketry, Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Natural Resources, Home Environment, Arts & Crafts, Community Service, Public Speaking, Record Keeping, First Aid/CPR, Plant Science, Multicultural Instruments, Animal Science, Money Management, Teen Leadership.


What does a 4-H project cost?

It varies. A member enrolled in crafts might use supplies from around the house to practice the skills he/she is learning with no additional expense. A member who buys and keeps a horse might invest hundreds of dollars. Discuss cost with member as they select a project. It should be realistic to the club/family situation.


Are projects done individually or as a group?

Both. Some projects like community service or crafts are more fun when done in a group. Other projects like art or baking are often done individually by each member of the group, with the help of a parent or guardian. Younger members especially appreciate group projects.


How do we know what kind of projects to do with our club?

During the year, the 4-H staff provides leader trainings in numerous subjects to provide support for the 4-H leader. These trainings can give subject knowledge, as well as how to teach the subject to youth. These trainings are usually held at the Resource Center in Hamden at night or during the day on a Saturday. If you have a special talent and want to teach your club, please do so. Although, you may want to check our files for project material we have and any special requirements or standards on that specific project.